Punch,  10 (1846), 263.

Brougham and Reid



Illustration, Caricature; News-Commentary, Drollery; Poetry, Drollery

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J L, pseud.  [John Leech] *


Public Health, Heat, Engineering, Controversy, Government, Politics, Charlatanry

    Illustration depicts the statesman Henry P Brougham (1st Baron Brougham and Vaux) sitting inside an 'exhausted receiver' (a giant upturned wine glass). Text reports Brougham's objections to being trapped inside the House of Commons for the purposes of David B Reid's 'ventilating experiments'. Celebrates Brougham's 'rencontre' with Reid with a poem that describes Brougham's feelings of suffocation and shivering resulting from Reid's ventilation system. Brougham complains that he 'call'd for warmer air, / But the pipes [of the ventilation system] never cock'd' and that Reid was the 'cause / Of this humbug'. Concludes by wondering whether Brougham must 'die shut in / An exhausted receiver?'.

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