Punch,  11 (1846), 103.

A Talking Potato!



News-Commentary, Drollery


Engineers, Chemistry, Cultural Geography, Race, Politics, Morality, Machinery

    Reports on a speech by Thomas Steele, the 'Head Pacificator of Ireland'. Steele introduces the radical Irish politician Daniel O'Connell as the 'creator of the ethical moral force revolutionary system; as Isaac Newton was the inventor of the ethereal system of fluxions [...] or a Watt was the inventor of the double-acting steam-engine [...]—that gorgeous piece of mechanism'. Asks why O'Connell does not 'suffer his own invention, that of "ethical moral force" to be worked all over Ireland'. Compares O'Connell's alleged status as '"the father of his country" and "the father of John, his country's hope"' to that of Robert Boyle, who was the 'father of chemistry and the brother of the Earl of Cork'.

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