Punch,  11 (1846), 240.

A Country Carol



Song, Drollery


Agriculture, Education, Machinery, Invention, Chemistry

    Written by 'a true English farmer', who notes that 'we must all study science, we husbandmen', and confesses not to understand the 'new fangled inventions we now take in hand'. Recalling the time when 'the stable would yield / Whatsoever was needful to fatten the land', he observes that 'chemistry now into tillage we lugs' and can hardly believe that he is using guano and gypsum 'for manure' and 'Draughts and potions, / Washes, lotions, / Pills and Powders, to doctor the crops'. Expects the 'wisacres' will resort to the 'old plan of farming' and 'Drop reliance / On their science'.

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