Punch,  11 (1846), 40.

Fudge for the Farmer

Simon Hodgskins


Letter, Spoof

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Agriculture, Machinery, Invention

    Written in the style of a 'Hampshur' farmer, glad to see at the Newcastle 'meetun' of the Royal Agricultural Society that 'volks set to work a cultivatun the soil so as to make as much as they can grow upon 't'. Taken aback 'to read about all the noo implements for farmun as was show'd there', such as 'Nar-weegun Harrers' and 'Pattent Haxuls'. Suspects that such machines will 'drive labourers out of employ', but supposes 't'will all be right in the end'. Regards his boots as far better 'clod-crushers' and 'corn-crushers' than machines purporting to do the same tasks. The illustration shows a rustic grinding corn in a pestle and mortar.

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