Punch,  14 (1848), 56.

The Coming Comet



Essay, Drollery

Relevant illustrations:

wdct. [2]


N, pseud.  [William Newman] *


Astronomy, Railways, Astrology, Superstition

    Speculates on what the imminent comet has been doing since its last appearance in 1556. Suggestions include 'enjoying himself at every astrological house where there was a drop or a cloud to be had'. Doubts whether 'this great Comet [is] to be the avant-courier to announce the arrival of some tremendous person', following the failure of the supposed 'Coming Man' to appear. Hopes the comet chooses to live in Trafalgar Square, where it can drink water from the 'two little basins' and exercise itself 'by running up and down Nelson's Column'. Thinks the comet may prove the greatest London architect since the 'Great Fire of London'. The first illustration shows a smartly dressed comet walking in Trafalgar Square with Mr Punch holding its tail. The second illustration shows the face of Francis Egerton (1st Earl of Ellesmere) in its head, dragging King Louis-Phillipe of France with its tail.

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