Punch,  14 (1848), 82.

Steam Chickens



Essay, Drollery

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Breeding, Steam-power, Animal Development, Animal Behaviour, Animal Husbandry, Evolution

    Discusses Mr Cantelo's proposal to greatly increase the rate of production of poultry by hatching eggs in a steam oven. Concerned that chicks born by this process will be unable to develop 'filial affections' for their 'steam-mother', and observes Cantelo's 'Spartan notions touching deformed chickens'. Believes that the process will produce chickens that will be deformed and resemble a steam engine. Noting how some species of animal have adapted themselves to man-made inventions, the writer fears 'for the future figures of our poultry' and expects those hatched by steam to appear in the shape of tea kettles. Concludes by claiming that Cantelo's scheme is 'well worthy of consideration'. The illustration shows kettle-shaped chickens, exhaling steam, surrounded by chicks.

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