Punch,  15 (1848), 104.

Handy Phrenology



Review-Essay, Drollery; Illustration, Drollery

Publications reviewed:

Anon 1848

Relevant illustrations:

wdct. [7]


N, pseud.  [William Newman] *


Phrenology, Class, Chalatanry

    Responding to the book's argument that character can be ascertained from the fingers, the reviewer announces that he will be 'having a quantity of plaster-casts' made of the hands of 'illustrious men'. Expects the 'wrist will be found fully developed in 'A-wristotle, A-wristedes, and the rest of the a-wristocracy of genius that the world has contained'. Believes that 'if the science should be carried to perfection, it will be easy to detect an "itching palm" and that hand that would be ready to serve another at a pinch'. Illustrations show various plaster casts of hands with 'organs' labelled with numbers, and a figure with donkey's ears receiving a 'consultation' from a phrenologist.

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