Punch,  15 (1848), 225.

H.R.H. Field-Marshall Chancellor Prince Albert Taking the Pons Asionorum

J L, pseud.  [John Leech] *


Illustration, Drollery

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J L, pseud.  [John Leech] *


Universities, Education, Political Economy, Mathematics, Physics, Geology, Botany, Comparative Anatomy, Controversy

    Referring to the decision of the University of Cambridge to introduce political economy into its curriculum, this shows Prince Albert storming the 'Pons Asinorum [Bridge of Asses] 'after the manner of Napoleon taking the Bridge of Arcola'. Albert carries a book marked 'political economy' and a flag labelled 'moral sciences', and leads students carrying scrolls of paper marked with such subjects as 'physical sciences', 'botany', 'geology', 'orthography', and 'comparative anatomy'. Albert is resisted by students carrying scrolls of paper bearing such protests as 'Algebra up to Quadratic Equations' and 'Boats and no Botany'.

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