Punch,  2 (1842), 224.

Entomological Notice for the Month of May



Notes, Drollery


Entomology, Animal Behaviour

    Describes the features and habits of various 'insects' to be observed in London where the reported behaviour of the 'insect' typically refers to that of a certain type of Londoner who shares a name with the insect. For example, 'Sweeps' are described as all having a 'dusty brown' head and thorax and as having antennae which are either dirty white feathers or deep orange; 'Painted Ladies', numerous 'towards evening', are considered to 'fall easy prey to any one inclined to pursue them'; 'Red Admirals' are considered 'very rare' although one was seen in Portland Place; and the 'Hawk tribe' can be found 'about the young sprigs' on Epsom Downs.

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