Punch,  21 (1851), 4–5.

A Journey Round the Globe



Diary, Drollery


Display, Geology, Physical Geography

    Describes a journey around Wyld's Great Globe. Claims that James Wyld has disproved the theories of Louis Agassiz, Jean B J Fourier, and Thomas Burnet regarding the earth's interior, and has shown it to be filled with staircases. Observations include the fact that the earth's crust resemble an overdone 'beefsteak pie' and that the temperature of the globe increases towards the Artic regions (owing to the number of gas lamps). Enjoys the spectacle of having 'All the World [...] before you' and the opportunity of comparing the sizes of the earth's physical features, but is disappointed with the minute size of England. Discusses the colours given to different geographical regions—specifically, 'warm colours to warm climates', 'dead colours to barren districts', and 'neutral colours' to unknown regions.

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