Punch,  21 (1851), 42.

Punch's Bull and Indulgencies

Punch U Dick, Nuncio in Ordinary Office U Tom, Legate à latere to the Contributors and Artists U


Essay, Spoof; Polemic


Education, Religious Authority, Cultural Geography, Superstition, Anti-Scientism

    Upholds the argument that 'there is no greater auxiliary to the inculcation of virtuous precepts, than instruction in the laws that govern the system of nature'. Lamenting the 'Cimmerian darkness' covering 'natural and political science' in Italy, calls for the establishment of a mechanics' institute in Rome. Hopes this move will convert the Italian people to the great ideas of Isaac Newton, Jeremy Bentham, and Adam Smith. Decrees that the institute be christened the 'Baconian Mechanics' Institute' and that it be staffed by Englishmen trained at the University of London and renowned for expertise in 'physical sciences' and liberalism in political and religious matters. Hopes this will 'dissipate' the 'dark clouds of superstition' that have overshadowed Italy and will result in English control over that country's ideas.

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