Punch,  21 (1851), 91.

A Night with Hahnemann at the Freemason's Tavern



Letter, Spoof


Homeopathy, Medical Treatment, Quackery, Health, Heterodoxy

People mentioned:

Christian F S Hahnemann , James Morison , Thomas Holloway

Institutions mentioned:

Consumption Hospital

    Identifying himself as a 'valetudinarian' who has become a homeopath, explains how the 'infinitesimal globules' cured his 'nervous depression', and analyses a report in The Times of a meeting of the Homeopathic Association. Praises John Kennaway's 'masterpiece of homeopathic reasoning' at the meeting, upholding Kennaway's identification of the need to investigate homeopathy for oneself and his stress on the efficacy of the treatment. Valorises the remarks of Mr Shaen who defended the claim that his recovery to health was due to homeopathy rather than 'change of diet, habits, or other trivial and unimportant circumstances'. Believes 'Homeopathic truth' has been 'laid down' by the Royal College of Physicians and was originally established by either Thomas Sydenham and William Harvey. Thinks homeopathy will put an end to 'that overpaid fraternity of impostors, medical practitioners'. Praises John Epps for singing 'a poem in honour of Homeopathy'.

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