Punch,  22 (1852), 180.

Homeopathic Revelry



News-Commentary, Drollery


Homeopathy, Quackery, Medical Treatment, Hospitals, Patronage

Institutions mentioned:

Royal College of Physicians , Royal College of Surgeons

    Reporting on a banquet held by supporters of the London Homeopathic Hospital, notes sarcastically that the chairman, George T Keppel (6th Earl of Albermarle), was 'doubtless [...] so distinguished in the scientific world [... as] to form a sound judgement on a medical question', and 'considered well what he was about' before supporting the subversive medical system of homeopathy. Suggests the 'Hahnemannites' (followers Christian F S Hahnemann) do not entirely carry out their principle of "similia similibus" owing to the non-infinitesimal quantities of food they consumed at the banquet. Notes the non-infinitesimal patronage of the hospital offered by 'certain bankers'.

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