Punch,  22 (1852), 39.

The Patent Medicine Hospital



News-Commentary, Drollery


Homeopathy, Quackery, Medical Treatment, Health, Patronage

People mentioned:

Galileo Galilei

    Responds to an advertisement inviting 'Philanthropic Gentlemen' to meet the 'hundreds' who have been cured by 'Dr. G—'s MIRACULOUS RECIPE'. Insists that gentlemen and ladies should not rubbish 'Dr. G—'s pills', since they had not tested 'the powers of his "miraculous recipe"', and should accept homeopathic remedies without question. Adds that such 'persons of quality' know nothing of the 'laws of health and disease' and regard 'Personal recovery, after recourse to an alleged remedy, without reference to the question of post hoc or propter hoc' as sufficient proof. Invites such people to contradict the sceptical view of the Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of Surgeons. Ends by alluding to the support of Mason G Stratford (5th Earl of Aldborough) for Thomas Holloway.

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