Punch,  24 (1853), 69.

Fancy Bipeds without Feathers



Essay, Drollery; Illustration, Drollery

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W, pseud.  [Henry R Howard] *


Human Species, Animal Development, Breeding, Monstrosities, Race

    Imagines the consequences of the existence of 'a race of Genii' who are as superior to humans as humans are to poultry, and who are 'Humankind Fanciers'. Imagines human beings with greatly exaggerated features, including 'the legs of a negro enlarged to the dimensions of those of the hippopotamus', and 'young ladies' with 'the superfluity of a figure which characterised the Hottentot Venus'. The illustration shows a chicken taking pity on his brethren hanging up by their tails in the window of a butcher's shop.

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