Punch,  29 (1855), 105.

The Adulterator's Alphabet

An Apprentice of the Laurel


Catechism, Spoof


Adulteration, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Treatment, Narcotics, Astrology, Quackery, Charlatanry, Crime

    List of twenty-six descriptions concerning the wide range of practices associated with adulteration, quackery, and charlatanry, one for each letter of the alphabet. The list includes 'D is the Druggist—the Lancet explains / How he poisons each drug, / and increases your pains', 'N is the Nurse who your suffering insults— / Who gives Godfrey to babies and plunders adults', and 'Z's Zadkiel [Richard J Morrison], the quack who, with "Venus" and "Mars", / Diddles Zanies, by lying reports from the stars'.

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