Punch,  29 (1855), 91.

An Entirely New Hospital





Hospitals, Medical Practitioners, Heroism, Patronage, Government, Homeopathy, Surgery, Medical Treatment, Quackery

People mentioned:

John Hunter , John Abernethy , Christian F S Hahnemann

    Praises the 'Nightingale testimonial' reported in The Times—a reference to Herbert 1855 and H 1855. Contrasts the fact that it will be 'served by unpaid nurses' to the greed of railway company rogues and clerics. Believes that the foundation of the hospital will reward 'virtue'. Strongly supports the need for a military hospital, but fears that the only hospital that will gain support from the government will be a homeopathic one. Reports that the hospital will be served by one medical officer instead of a physician, surgeon, and apothecary, and continuing the homeopathic theme, sarcastically suggests that this officer should be a 'Patent Medicine Vendor', supplying patients with a wide variety of pills and ointments. Concludes with a cynical dig at the government's patronage of quack medicines.

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