Punch,  3 (1842), 6–7.

British Association for the Advancement of Everything in General, and Nothing in Particular



News-Commentary; Drollery; Proceedings, Spoof


Societies, Scientific Practitioners, Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Botany, Medical Treatment, Statistics, Observatories, Light, Mechanics

    Reports on the recent meeting of the association at Manchester, an allusion to the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting. Includes discussion of the president's announcement that the association is to be re-housed in a building in Richmond Park, an observatory converted into a 'cow-house'. Reports on the proceedings of various sections. Papers in the physics section included Professor Woodenhead on 'the Blue-pill taken in connection with the Black-draught' and papers on the 'Distribution of Light, which included a very interesting episode on the Window-tax'. Dr Dulltone's contribution to Section B included his paper on a clock's pendulum 'as affected by the playfulness of a kitten'. In other sections, Mr Professor Blowhisnose contrasted the 'chain of the Alps' to 'St. Paul's chain', Professor Sorrytwaddle spoke on a 'large quantity' of cabbage, while the statesmen Charles de L W Sibthorp and George F Muntz presented alarming cases of the 'enlargement of the whiskers'. The association discusses the possibility of holding its next meeting in 'Hockley-in-the-Hole'.

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