Punch,  3 (1842), 150–51.

Cold-Water Curing Society



Reportage, Spoof


Public Health, Medical Treatment, Hydropathy, Pollution, Health, Microscopy

    Reports on arguments proposed by representatives of the brewing trade to suppress the human and animal consumption of water—a substance that, as the 'Chairman' argues, daily makes 'frightful ravages' on the British constitution. One member, Malton Hops, proposes to inoculate the public with 'rabid hydrophobia' and attacks hydropathists. (150) Mr Brandyblossom notes the 'many venomous animals' that swam into 'mans stomach with every draught of water he swallowed' and caused madness. Seeks to display the 'reptiles' of the water with his solar microscope and proposes that 'well-tried soakers' give public lectures using this instrument, thereby stopping the 'deluge'. (151)

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