Punch,  30 (1856), 37.

The Meteor in the South-West



Poetry, Satire


Astronomy, Meteorology, Superstition, Religious Authority, Eschatology

    Written in the style of a yokel, who describes his experiences of 'that 'ere vire-ball'. Explains how he took the phenomenon to be 'a gurt rocket at vust' whilst others regarded it as a 'viery sarpent' and a 'swoord all a-light'. Notes how he questioned why some people started 'cryun' over the phenomenon and how 'Methodies' interpreted the event as a sign of 'the end o' the wordle' whilst others saw it as a reason to 'mend our bad ways'. Contrary to claims that the meteor brings war, believes that it will bring peace, although he hopes the prospects for the latter will not, like the comet, 'all in smoke disappear'.

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