Punch,  32 (1857), 117.

Punch's Complete Tradesman: No. III  [3/5]



Serial, Dialogue, Spoof


Adulteration, Analytical Chemistry, Narcotics, Crime, Commerce

    Consists of a dialogue between 'Mr. Bitters, Publican', 'Mr. Cradle, who is going to Australia', and 'Mr. Hocus, Brewer's Druggist'. Mr Hocus explains how he adulterates bitter and stout with such substances as water, treacle, sulphate of iron, and capiscum. Adds that 'another article that strengthens beer very much', which the 'regular chemists call [...] by the foolish name of Cocculus Indicus', and which they regard as 'downright poison', has been renamed 'multum' and is added to beer that is then sold for a profit.

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