Punch,  33 (1857), 31.

The Social Treadmill: No. 11  [11/12]



Serial, Essay, Drollery


Pollution, Health, Public Health, Gas Chemistry

    Laments the overcrowding and foul air of 'drawing-room penitentiaries'—the London clubs. Continuing the analogy between prisons and clubs, explains how a visitor to the 'wards' of this prison breathes the 'vitiated atmospheres of these black holes of Piccadilly'. Observes that the effect of this poor atmosphere is seen 'in the pale cheeks and dull eyes of the hardened offenders, who spend most of their lives in such confinement'. Notes the overheated condition of the rooms 'for every cluster of lights, every flower-stand, every overheated piece of humanity, is giving off caloric and carbonic acid, and absorbing breathable air'.

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