Punch,  34 (1858), 190.

A Hint to the Horsetamers





Animal Behaviour, Education, Animal Development, Cruelty

    Discusses the chances of John S Rarey's system being used to tame a hippopotamus, as well as 'stablemen and horsebreakers [...] the very lowest order of the brute creation'. Since Rarey's system works on the affections, the author wonders whether it will succeed with these brutes who have no affections (judging by the cruel manner in which they treat horses). Advises John V S Townshend (Viscount Raynham) and the 'Cruelty-Preventers' to take up the matter, and, if this proves too slow, recommends the formation of an 'Equestrian Humane Society' for the 'abolition of horse torture'. Concludes by asking Rarey to 'try his hand at groom-taming'.

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