Punch,  34 (1858), 195.

The Brute Tamer (An Old Song in a New Shape)



Song, Drollery


Animal Behaviour, Animal Development, Education, Mesmerism, Cruelty

    Discusses his use of John S Rarey's method of taming horses. Opens by describing how he prevented a groom from using brute force to tame a horse, instead inviting him to use Rarey's method. A crowd gathers which supports the narrator's rejection of the cruel methods of the groom, but cannot understand Rarey's system. The crowd is then convinced by the narrator's demonstration of Rarey's system, the narrator denying that the effect was connected with 'Electro-biology / Not any magic or mystery'. Finally, the author manages to convince the groom to use Rarey's method of 'Persuasion's gentle force'.

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