Punch,  34 (1858), 203.

Mr Punch to the Honourable Thomas Duncombe M.P.



Letter, Spoof


Vaccination, Medical Practitioners, Medical Treatment, Heroism, Discovery, Politics, Disease

    Challenges Thomas S Duncombe's view that the new statue of Edward Jenner in Trafalgar Square is out of place among 'naval and military heroes', and that 'everybody' is disgusted by it. Deciding that Duncombe's remarks are not meant in jest but prompted by 'ignorance', explains why Jenner deserves a statue. Mr Punch's argument stresses how Jenner's 'discovery' has dramatically reduced cases of smallpox throughout Europe. (203) Supposing that Duncombe wishes to honour destroyers rather than preservers of the human race, suggests removing the Jenner statue to the Thames Tunnel and putting 'Crimean generals and Chelsea commissioners' and the disreputable politician William Cox on Trafalgar Square pedestals. Concludes by stressing that Jenner 'devoted his life to labour for the good of his kind'. (203–04)

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