Punch,  35 (1858), 175.

The Clown to his Betters: A Zong O' Zocial Zience



Song, Drollery


Class, Health, Disease, Domestic Economy, Human Development

    Having surveyed the indulgent lifestyles of his superiors, the clown thinks that they have much to learn on the 'zubject of health', especially because their expensive and wasteful lifestyles lead to gout, their 'ball-rooms chock full o' foul gas' are worse than 'crowded dwellings', their crinoline dresses are too heavy for their backs, and 'They wun't nuss their babbies as Natur commands'. Concludes by advising his social superiors that 'Mt friends as our labour in luxury maintains, / To live on your means you must use your own braains, / Without self-reliance you'll never larn how / Your puddun to at in the sweat of our brow'.

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