Punch,  35 (1858), 62.

The Quacks and the Medical Bill



Proceedings, Spoof


Quackery, Medical Practitioners, Medical Treatment, Government, Homeopathy

    Proceedings of a meeting of the fictional 'Charlatan's Institution' to discuss ways of opposing the new medical bill. The chairman draws attention to the clause in the bill which penalises those who falsely claim to be medical practitioners, a claim which meets with general disapproval. Proceeds to describe the more articulate responses. These include Dr Billwall, who denies the possibility of proving that somebody is a doctor and asks for the Act to be 'dashed', Mr Corners, who rejects any legislation that would interfere with his 'bills—either those which they stuck up or those which they stuck in', and the inarticulate Dr Jones, who praises Robert Grosvenor (1st Baron Ebury) for allowing them to 'take whatever name or title they chose'. In conclusion, members of the meeting resolve to complement Ebury with a box of 'homeopathic globules'.

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