Punch,  37 (1859), 183.

A Few Globules for Homeopathy



News-Commentary, Drollery


Homeopathy, Charlatanry, Medical Treatment

    Having 'gone through a small course of Homeopathy', the author concludes that 'What you tell us that is true is not new, and what you tell us that is new isn't true'. Supports the latter judgement by referring to homeopaths' dubious claim that they cure 'an average of a hundred and five per cent of cases'. Also supports the former judgement by the fact that the principle of 'similia similibus curantur' was known before Christian F S Hahnemann and cites several examples, ranging from phrases such as 'setting a thief to catch a thief', and lines from a nursery rhyme. To challenge the homeopathic 'atomic theory of infinitesimal doses', cites some lines of poetry (from Pope 1711) which warn that 'shallow draughts' of the 'Pierian spring [...] intoxicate the brain', and that 'drinking deeply sobers us again!"'. Concludes by emphasising that 'meanness is the test of a little mind'.

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