Punch,  37 (1859), 234.

Another Smash for a Starteller




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Astrology, Charlatanry, Prognostication, Cultural Geography

    Reminding readers of how Mr Punch, 'the Protector of the Public', had recently attacked the astrologer Richard J Morrison, for his 'fraudulent attempt to impose upon the public', reports on the abuse then received by Mr Punch. Expresses concern about the response that will follow Mr Punch's attack on another 'Starteller' who 'assumes the alias of 'Raphael' to assist him in his fraudulent designs upon the public (a reference to Robert C Smith). Considers Raphael's Prophetic Messenger to be a work full of 'blasphemies, absurdities, and lies', whose wide circulation shows English to be a 'race of fools'. Ridicules Raphael's 'Table of Celestial Influence' that gives astrologically-based advice on what to do during a particular day. After extracting from the 'prophetic portion of the work', Mr Punch expects some readers to exclaim, 'What's the good of making so much fuss about such gibberish?', to which he replies that he is aiming his critique at those who are not so clever 'as yourself' and intends to expose 'this humbug Raphael' to the 'Nobodies' of the world. The illustration shows Mr Punch stabbing a bearded character (clad in an astrologer's garb) with a sword.

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