Punch,  38 (1860), 123.

The Pope Selling Off



Reportage, Spoof


Religion, Miracle, Supernaturalism, Charlatanry, Sanitation, Disease, Belief

    Reports on Pope Pius IX's alleged sale of his relics, peepshows, miracles, 'and other valuable effects', including 'the Winking Picture of Rimini' and the 'Blood of Januarius'. Points out that all these items 'will be furnished with a table of instructions, showing how to do the trick', and that the pope will be accompanying the sale with lessons in 'holy juggling' and making sure that miracles, including the liquefaction of the blood of St Januarius, proceed 'smoothly, and that the dodge be kept in the dark'. Goes on to claim that the 'hair-shirt of St. Filthius' is to be sold, and while 'the odour of sanctity will be perceived to cling to it', it was washed to prevent infection.

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