Punch,  39 (1860), 167.

[Advertisement.] Spirit-Rapping Testimonials

Judaeus ApellerAdipose GlubbWilderness LodgeMrs Mephosheth BarnesMargaret SnickleBarnabas Toddlekins


Advertisement, Spoof


Spiritualism, Medical Treatment, Belief, Mental Illness

    In a spoof advertisement, the 'Editor of the Spiritual Magazine' presents testimonials in support of 'the famous Spirit-Rapping Ointment'. Judaeus Apeller reveals that applying the ointment, unlike swallowing the blood of St Januarius and the 'Winking Picture', cured him of 'incredulity' and enabled him to 'believe anything'. Adipose Glubb reports that he applied the ointment to a table that caused him to laugh and eventually fall asleep, an effect which has worked on the rest of his family. Mrs Mephibosheth Barnes reveals that the ointment has cured her son of 'any over-zeal in his studies', while Wilderness Lodge thanks the 'Editor of the Spiritual Magazine' for the ointment which he administered to his daughters who have consequently lost their troublesome interest in 'dances, operas, parties, stage-plays'. Margaret Sninckle warns of the dangers of excessive use of the ointment, following the physical pain suffered by her husband who became addicted to the ointment. Finally, Barnabas Toddlekins reports that the ointment has successfully driven his wife away.

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