Punch,  39 (1860), 238–39.

Punch's Book of British Costumes: Chapter XL—Should be Read by all Tragedians Before they Dress for Richard III  [40/42]



Serial, Essay, Drollery


Military Technology, War

    Regards the reign of King Richard III as 'the climax of a period of slaughter', when such crude techniques as 'shooting, stabbing, spearing' and 'sticking' were used. Views the present age as 'having the advantage of appliances a million-fold more deadly' than the 'spears and swords, and the matchlocks of the fifteenth century'. Describes the 'extravagant' plate armour of Richard III's time, armour notable for its huge shoulder-plates and 'pointed elbow-pieces'. Later describes the continued use of the 'salade' helmet and 'steel sollerets' foot armour. (238)

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