Punch,  39 (1860), 87.

A Song by a Sable Sceptic



Song, Drollery


Spiritualism, Miracle, Race

    This song, written from the perspective of a black person, is a response to the spiritualistic feats of Daniel D Home. He reveals how he learnt 'de dodge' of teaching the table to 'jump Jim Crow' by moving 'de knee beneath', and that 'De spirit-hand' is made of 'Of wax or wood [...] And by phosph'rus light displayed'. Expresses grave reservations about the medium's alleged 'floatin' in de air', especially because witnesses 'dowse de gas' and observe the phenomenon in the darkness. Concludes by anticipating that if a child were to take a 'spirit lamp' to the 'Spirit-movin' sight' he would cast 'some light upon de subject'.

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