Punch,  40 (1861), 143.

A Crinoline Hospital Wanted



News-Commentary, Drollery


Accidents, Hospitals, Medical Treatment, Gender, Education

    Following news of an omnibus accident caused by a woman wearing a crinoline dress, suggests the establishment of a 'hospital for patients who have been either maimed or burnt through the wearing of wide petticoats'. Points out that the large number of accidents caused by crinolines should justify crinoline wings at Guy's Hospital and St Bartholomew's Hospital. Suggests other measures that should be implemented to help crinoline 'patients', including the storage of lint and flour in drawing rooms. Noting cases of 'Suicide by Crinoline', suggests that 'Lovely Woman' needs to be 'made nervous' by her folly and accordingly, advises marking wide dresses with the warning 'Dangerous!" which might deter women from buying these garments.

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