Punch,  40 (1861), [59].

Britannia About to Take her 'Constitutional'



Illustration, Caricature

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Politics, Military Technology, Government, Meteorology, Instruments

    Shows Britannia, Henry J Temple (3rd Viscount Palmerston), and Lord John Russell (represented as small in stature, as typical in Punch). Palmerston carries umbrellas marked 'Navy', 'Army', and 'Volunteers', references to the premier's attempt to strengthen the Army and Navy and his promotion of rifle volunteers. Russell carries an umbrella labelled 'REFORM', a reference to his parliamentary Reform Bill. Britannia is seen near a barometer marked 'POLITICS' and responds to Palmerston's warning that politics tends to be 'stormy' by saying that she's 'quite prepared for a change of weather'.

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