Punch,  40 (1861), 78.

A Begg-ar's Petition





Religion, Medical Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Commerce, Religious Authority, Government

    Discusses the opposition of a 'leading Free Kirk Doctor' James Begg to a police bill permitting the sale of food and medicine on Sundays. Agrees with Begg's call for attention to be drawn to the matter but points out that he was the same 'pious party' who 'inveighed against the heinous "Sin of walking on the Sabbath"'. Reasons that the sin of buying medicines means that it is better to 'lose your health than your chances of salvation' and to have sick bodies than souls. Asks Begg to support his claim by citing 'the pages of that Book'. Wonders why Begg and people of similar views do not 'start an anti-food-and-physic-purchasing crusade'.

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