Punch,  41 (1861), 184.

A Woman Never Grows Old



News-Commentary, Drollery


Statistics, Human Species, Railways, Death, Gender, Animal Behaviour, Morality

People mentioned:

William Farr

    Discusses the recently published annual returns of births and deaths (Anon 1861a), and concludes from the report that 'there are as many accidents on one's journey through life as there are unfortunately on a railway', with most people breaking down half way or failing to arrive at their destination. Also draws attention to the evidence that women outlive men, exclaiming that 'women beat the men at everything' and are obstinate even about death, but noting that 'wife-beating' is an exception to this. Admits, however, that it might be wrong 'in alluding to such contemptible creatures [women], who, far from ranking equal to Man, degrade themselves to a lower level even than that of the Brute'. Goes on to relate that the two oldest people on the register are women from Wales, but suggests that they may have lied about their ages.

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