Punch,  41 (1861), 25.

Representative Rascals



News-Commentary, Drollery

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J P *


Medical Treatment, Chemistry, Language, Pharmaceuticals, Quackery, Crime, Homeopathy, Hydropathy, Medical Practitioners, Education, Class

    The initial letter of the first word of the article forms part of an illustration showing a balding medical/chemical practitioner holding open the mouth of a patient, into which the practitioner is about to pour some dubious-looking potion. He is watched by an audience of yokels. Discusses the trial, 'in the Laboratory of the Court of Probate', of David G Jones, a 'vile body' who had become the legatee of a will under false pretences. Punch describes the dubious medical background of the defendant, noting that he had practised homeopathy and hydropathy for nine years, was the proprietor of a medicine which was 'not named in the Pharmacopoeia', and, worst of all, had fraudulently obtained his diploma at Marischal College, Aberdeen (by getting an accomplice Dr Reeves to sit his examination). Laments the fact that Jones was merely 'condemned in the costs of the court' and that Reeves is still 'at large', and wishes the latter could be punished for fraud. Concludes by warning that the medical diplomas of quacks who advertise may be fraudulent.

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