Punch,  43 (1862), 198.

Ode to Father Thames on His Approaching Purification





Pollution, Sanitation, Public Health, Chemistry,

    Opens by noting the long time during which the Thames has been pouring 'London's outshot stuff' into the sea, and the fact that it will be 'a silver stream once more' and like a tributary that sprang 'from crystal fountains cold'. Affirms that the river will receive such noxious effluents as 'sluices [...] From chemic reservoirs and tanks', which will be mixed 'with the brine'. Anticipates some of the consequences of this process, including the appearance of whitebait in the 'pellucid tide' and the ability of 'The passenger of Chelsea boat' to admire 'Unwonted salmon' instead of dead dogs and cats. Concludes by urging 'old Thames' to 'pour fresh lymph' into 'another urn', and by praising the chief engineer at the Metropolitan Board of Works, Joseph W Bazalgette.

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