Punch,  43 (1862), 216.

Famine, Fever, and Frost



Poetry, Drollery


Nutrition, Government, Disease, Mental Illness

    Opens by wondering 'Who will open England's purses' to help the 'million' from whose 'eyes is glaring / Hunger's wolfish gleam', and who will give direction to England's 'motions blind' and stir 'towards helpful action / England's heart and mind'. Famine answers that she has drained the life from many, but she fails to open the purse. Fever attempts the task by 'spreading madness / Through the blood and brain', but the purse still resists being opened. Finally, Frost attempts the task with chills 'that nip man's life and nature's / In the blood and blade', but is also defeated. Eschewing rivalry, Famine, Fever, and Frost resolve to work together to open England's purse.

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