Punch,  44 (1863), 219.

The Source of the Nile Discovered



Poetry, Drollery


Exploration, Discovery, Heroism, Nationalism, Comparative Philology

    Praises John H Speke and James A Grant for tracing the source of the Nile, a feat which it considers to be the solution to 'the mystery of ages' that has defeated 'successive sages' and Egyptian rulers from the ancient King Cheops down to the current Viceroy Sa'id Pasha. Notes Egyptians' delight with the news of the source of their 'sacred stream' and praises the explorer Charles T Beke for showing them 'the way they were to go'. Ends by anticipating that Egypt, much as she used to adore 'the bull and cow', will now worship John Bull, as well as Speke and Grant.

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