Punch,  44 (1863), 227.

A Peep into Petland

Tabitha Poosey U


Introduction, Drollery; Letter, Spoof


Animal Behaviour, Education, Domestic Economy

    The introduction explains that Glimpses into Petland has 'put the little pets into a great passion' because it appears to have misrepresented them. Noting the 'numerous letters' received from irate pets, Punch publishes one from Tabitha Poosey, a 'Tabby' from 'Petland', who accuses John G Wood of not being able to 'interpret our language', and objects to being called such ridiculous names as 'Tiddlemus'. She also denies claims that 'while we are being stroked we suddenly put out our claws and scratch our best friend'—because they expect the same 'pleasurable sensation' to result when they scratch humans—and insists that cats live in a false state of harmony with other pets.

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