Punch,  44 (1863), 57.

Snobs' Complaints of the Weather Office



News-Commentary, Drollery


Meteorology, Periodicals, Scientific Practitioners, Astrology, Quackery, Imposture

    Notes the popularity of The Times weather forecasts written by Robert Fitzroy. Stresses Fitzroy's warning that his forecasts are 'conjectural; as merely probable inferences from observations in meteorology; an infant science', and that such phenomena as 'electrical change' can affect his calculations. Proceeds to describe complaints levelled at Fitzroy for being 'occasionally "out"' and treating him as if he were 'a professional weather prophet, a mercenary impostor, a charlatan, a quack, a Zadkiel, or a Francis Moore, a Physician'. Considers that the mildness of Fitzroy's replies emphasises the ridiculous and uncharitable nature of his assailants.

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