Punch,  45 (1863), 3.

The Speke-and-Grant Night



Reportage, Drollery

Relevant illustrations:

wdct. [2]


Exploration, Physical Geography, Societies, Heroism, Discovery

    The initial letter forms part of an illustration showing Mr Punch represented as he 'intended to appear, enlightening the scientific world', in a lecture to the Royal Geographical Society in honour of John H Speke and James A Grant. Noting the society's reception of Speke and Grant, 'the heroes of the Nile', the author describes Mr Punch's struggles to enter the society's rooms. Having obtained entrance, Mr Punch loudly praises the explorers and Roderick I Murchison, but his outbursts provoke scorn from illustrious members. Mr Punch meets Speke, who tells him that he is 'far from delighted at being lionised in this fashion', but that the thought of seeing Mr Punch afterwards will keep him 'up to the mark'. The final illustration shows Mr Punch peering into a window, 'Endeavouring to Discover the Sources of the Geographical Society'.

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