Punch,  45 (1863), 145.

Image-Winking and Image-Worship



News-Commentary, Drollery


Miracle, Supernaturalism, Imposture, Charlatanry,

    Discusses a Morning Post report of the alleged sightings of the 'moving of the eyes of the picture of the Madonna in the Church of Vicovaro'. Insists that such reports are a 'wonderful delusion', but if true they would be 'more wonderful' than the claim that the lion on top of Northumberland House wagged its tail. Bases this argument on the claim that while the latter phenomenon could be explained by the expansion of the lion's metallic tail and the 'spiritual force that hoists Mr. Home', the winking picture cannot be explained so easily. Insists that it will only 'inquire whether it is a miracle or a humbug' when it has been witnessed by 'a whole congregation' rather than single priests. Proceeds to discuss the claim that the winking image is being worshipped.

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