Punch,  45 (1863), 203.

A Foul Word for the Fair Sex

Albany Fitz-Brummell


Letter, Spoof


Medical Practitioners, Gender, Sociology, Periodicals

    Discusses an article in the Scotsman 'which treats of the admission of the fair sex to the medical profession', and which criticises an address made by a Mr Brown at the Social Science Congress. Regarding Brown as a 'gorilla', condemns this representation of women as 'bitter beer and tobacco' who 'soothe' man 'in defeat'. Denying the possibility that members of the Social Sciences Congress could have said this, suspects that the Scotsman has put these words into Brown's mouth. In a postscript, the author considers women doctors to be a 'profanation' of the female sex, not least because it would be difficult to court a woman who had been soiled by medical work.

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