Punch,  46 (1864), 110.

The Monkey's of St Benedict



News-Commentary, Drollery


Human Development, Animal Behaviour, Evolution, Religious Authority, Religion

    Noting that 'The essential sameness of Man with Gorilla has lately been urged with much vehemence by some gentlemen who perhaps in their own persons afford the strongest proofs of it', considers a 'plausible argument in its favour' to be the 'monkey's tricks' played by the Anglican monk Joseph L Lyne ('Brother Ignatius'). Notes that, according to a report in The Times, Ignatius and his brethren are in the habit of walking muddy and snow-covered streets wearing only 'rough sandals'. Suggests that if Ignatius had done this in Rome, Pope Pius IX would probably not have 'put him into a cage and exhibited', but he would have been 'shut up by the Inquisition'.

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