Punch,  46 (1864), 49.

The University of Beer



News-Commentary, Drollery


Nutrition, Education, Universities

    Responds to news of the death of a Viennese brewer, Anton Dreyer, and of his son's intention to train at Barclay and Perkins. Declares that 'the cause of both sobriety and exhilaration is promoted by whatever tends to the production of good liquor', linking 'bad beer' with excessive drunkenness and maintaining that good beer enlivens rather than stupefies. Defends brewing as a 'scientific art' and the notion that achieving 'a high standard of malt liquor' requires a good education, which Punch believes Barclay and Perkins will provide. For this reason, deems this and other brewers to 'constitute a University of Beer'.

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