Punch,  47 (1864), 3.

Croquêt  [1/7]



Serial, Poetry, Drollery


Amusement, Exploration, Discovery, Astronomy, Mechanics, Gravity, Scientific Practitioners

    Pondering 'the immediate cause [...,] the design, and [...] the guiding laws' of croquet, notes that while a knowledge of cricket and its origins is something 'every one can get by heart', the situation with croquet is very different: 'let the curious start / With book and plan to trace its wandering course / Like Speke and Grant the Nile, up to its source, / Its streams run back until you end the chace'. Adds that 'Some think when Newton viewed the planets roll, / A thought of Croquêt glanced athwart his soul: / In Jupiter the Blue, in Mars the Red, / He saw, while Croquè'd comets madly sped. / If so I wish the Master of the Mint / Had taken Thyme to put his thought in print'.

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