Punch,  47 (1864), 125.

Nasal Education



Essay, Drollery


Narcotics, Philosophy, Psychology, Education, Mathematics, Natural Theology

    Discusses the claim that 'snuff is a great stimulant to thinking', which has been supported by Alexander von Humboldt who has asserted that snuff 'refreshes the memory'. Unable to summon any evidence to refute this claim, and noting the ability of some people who are able to remember an incident by recollecting a 'scent with which it is associated', suggests that the nose be used as a 'mnemonical assistant'. Presents examples of how this might be effected including sniffing Eau de Cologne to recollect a 'tough problem of Euclid' or whiffing peppermint to stamp on the memory 'an argument of William Paley'. Concludes by pointing out that the outcome of competitive examinations would be won by 'the man who had not merely the most nous, but the most nose'.

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